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I have changed college since my first year doing aat and i know you have to check your college centre details before entering your next exam.
I have been advised this is on your my att would anyone be able to confirm where i can find this as i am unable to locate it.

Manny Thanks


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    Best thing would be to ring the aat. I did foundation with kaplan and have units 22 and 23 outstanding. I am nearly done these but I started level 3 with eagle at diploma route and I am still shown as nvq - until the foundation is completed then my profile cant change but I am down as doing level 3 with eagle.

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    Yes you can change centre and it's very easy; I moved from Cornwall to Wiltshire and when I put in for my December exam I just clicked on the college I wanted to sit my exam at. It doesn't cost anything either.

    Do what I did to find out where you can sit your exam; log into MyAAT and start going through the process of booking your exam and just scroll down the list of centres.

    You can do this in plenty of time and without paying as you don't need to go right through the whole process, you can just exit when you have the information you need.

    If you want to you can ring up the exam centre you want to sit your exam at and check it with them.
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