CBE unit 5 FRA

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Hi everyone

i am due to take my unit 5 CBT next month, and i just wanted to know if anyone else who has recently done their unit 5 CBE found it? i have done the practice exam on the AAT website and found it ok. was there real thing similar in terms of questions asked etc, was it easier or harder in comparison to the practice one on AAt website. also would like to hear from people who failed their CBE and for what reason they failed?



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    Hi, I sat my CBE two weeks ago and found the exam very similar to the test on the AAT website and thought it was reasonably ok, the exam took me just under an hour and a half and that was being cautious and double checking my answers.

  • nodgers1nodgers1 Feels At Home Posts: 31Registered
    Thanks suzie

    im assuming you passed?

    i too have found that i was able to do the practice CBE in over an hr or so, but the practice written papers always took me longer
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    unit 5 CBE

    Hiya, yes I did pass, it's brilliant to get your results within 5 minutes, certainly beats waiting 16-17 weeks

    You should have no problems

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