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Hello everyone

I am thinking of buying one of those study bundles like I did with the sage line 50 accounts, but was just wondering which one I need. I think it is sage payroll not instant which goes with sage line 50. Please tell me if I am wrong.

I have a little experience with wages in the past, but not enough to feel confident.

I have seen courses costing about £400.00 but I only want to spend a fraction of this, but I want to be put through my paces.

If anyone could give me any advise it will be gratefully received.




  • ema192
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    Sage instant is compatible with sage line 50 but is only for up to 10 employees if you require more employees then sage payroll is the one you will require.

    I have used sage line 50 and instant payroll for 7 years now and it is all pretty self taught but helps to have support sometimes if you dont feel confident.

    Hope this helps

  • Jan
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    Have you thought of attending a free HMRC course to run through the basics? Try this link
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