Help study buddy needed

kel524uk Registered Posts: 27 Regular contributor ⭐
Hi all

I have took a year off and come back to dfs this time around in june ordered the new text books so i know the correct wordings for the sylabus change but i seem to be not grasping it at all

I was wondering if anyone had any notes on the ias numbers and cash flow statements

This is my 3rd attempt at this exam and it is always the 2nd section i seem to mess up

I was also wondering if anyone on here is from the derby area that wouldnt mind a study buddy to help things along???

Any takers???


  • sammyd22
    sammyd22 Registered Posts: 207 Dedicated contributor 🦉
    what exactly are you struggling with?

    If you can state specific areas i may be able to help!

    Feel free to send me a message with any scenarios and ill take a look!
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