Unit 10 project - would this topic be ok?

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I work in practice and do VAT return and Bookkeeping for one of our clients. He runs a convenience store.

He sends his takings scribbled down on little pieces of paper for each day for 13 weeks rolled up with invoices in money bags (it's a complete pain)

Soooo i was thinking of doing my topic on getting him to update how he keeps his books.

Would this be a wide enough topic to cover PC's and K&U or should i think about a different topic?

Any thoughts would be great


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  • sammyd22
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    You may struggle to write a whole report based on that. You could always use your imagination for the rest though, however i think your employer would have to sign it at the end.
  • Rinske
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    For systems it could be the part where you introduce an excel sheet and the updating of it, for the managing of people it could be how you train him how to use it and maybe more of his staff. I would say it is enough, but in doubt, check with your study provider, they usually got a whole lot of experience and can say if it's enough or not.
  • Bluewednesday
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    That's almost exactly what I did my project on, you do have to make sure you can deal with all the knowledge and understanding points but I found enough to satisfy the assessor and passed first time with no amendments.

    I found the best way to start was to go through each of the criteria that you are expected to cover and jot down how your idea would cover it. Then as you start writing up the project cross them out as you include them.
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