CT600a Loan to participator

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Am about to file accounts to cover period 12.06.08 to 30.06.09. Obviously I have to file 2 tax returns 12.06.08-11.06.09 and 12.06.09-30.06.09. Directors loan account is overdrawn at 30.06.09, he's been dipping in and out of the company account the whole period. There wasn't enough available in dividends to clear the DLA and there's a balance of £766.

Just want to check do I to have to file 2 CT600a supplementary pages for those 2 periods, and if so, which I'm sure I will, do I use the actual figures for the dates they were withdrawn from the bank? For example the net withdrawal between 12.06.09-30.06.09 was £55. Is this the figure that I would include on the CT600a or would I apportion the £766 by the number of days in the same way as the the turnover and profits?

Also on the CT600 short I presume I deduct the capital allowance from the profit figure before entering it in box 3 and then just show the figure in the capital allowances section?

Am not having a good day!
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