MSP question - please help....

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I am one exam away from completing my Technician qualification and still have the MSP project to do. Last term I initially asked my teacher if I could do it this term as I work f/t, have 2 young children and had enough on my plate with 2 tax exams.

They initially set a deadline of 31st March which I knew I would struggle to make so I emailed and asked if I can have an extension. They have now told me I have to wait til September and I am really upset. I know it's partly my fault but what else can I do. Can I find someone externally to mark my project or go to another college to get it marked?

I have been studying for 2 years now and do not want to go into another year : (


  • taskey
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    who are you studying with at the moment.

    i went through BPP and they were fantastic. I did mine in about 4 weeks from start to finish and my tutor walked me through each step.

  • lewpylew
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    I am a local college - working using BPP books. I have done some work but think I was struggling finding a subject so asked if I could use the case study instead. I just really don't know what to do now.... : (

    Is the project not changing next term so if I did do it from now til september it may not be valid?
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    As far as I know, and I might be wrong on that, the project is getting less points it needs to map to, so it would still be valid and at most you did a bit too much work.

    You can buy the unit separately from a number of providers, but that could be quite costly.

    If you can write it now and get it marked in September, would you have to pay for a new year with your college or would it fall under the two years you paid for?
  • lewpylew
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    Or am I best voiding what I have got(as have not done that much) and just waiting til September? Guess I could just sneak into lessons as I will have paid my fees so the AAt will count the project as valid?

    Am so angry with myself but also frustrated at how unsupportive the college have been : (
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    I have just completed my Unit 10 Project. I did a case study with Kaplan distance learning. The cost £155. I completed the project within a month, but because you have to wait for the Kaplan assessor to check the plan then the final project it took over 2 months in total to get a competent result. It is now with AAT for the final sign off.

    By the sound of comments on this forum, BPP sound a better option, as the help I received from Kaplan was not that detailed - but at least I know I passed it on my own merits and knowledge from reading the study book that you get with the learning pack.

    If you can afford the distance learning package I would do the project independant from your college, who sound less than helpful!
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