Sage or Quickbooks which too choose?

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Hi All,

I have currenly just passed my unit 5 and still working through the NVQ level 3.

I have been given the role of treasurer for our Staff council at work which I feel would be good experience for me.

This will involve a small amount of work so basically no bookkeeping on a large scale but I would still be expected to present the accounts in full each month/year.

I am currently looking into moving the accounts which are 1 year old from manuall (excel) to a bookkeeping package. I need to find a package & then present the cost along with pros and cons to the staff council before they vote on whether to pass the motion to spend the money. I do not currently use quickbooks or sage in by today to today working life as I use an in-house accounting system. I have used sage & quickbooks but only from a Purchase ledger perspective in the past.

Could anyone please give some positive feedback on whether they feel quickbooks or sage would be more appropriate for this type of role & taking in to consideration my level of experience?

Thanks in advance - Lisa :-)


  • Marky Astra
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    Hi Lisa,

    I currently work in an accounting firm and we use sage but i have used Quickbooks from a few clients. I have to say i think sage is easier to understand and its easier to navigate through menus to find certain things that you want. I had to basically teach myself with sage and now i find it quite easy to use.

    Another thing is cost as i would presume sage costs more than quickbooks? im not sure on this but thats what i would guess. Personally i would choose sage from my experience, im sure other people may suggest quickbooks but its just what you prefer. Also if you think about the future you may want to join a firm or somewhere that wants accounts done and most adverts i see usually say sage experience would be beneficial.

    Hope this helps

  • Gem7321
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    I prefer Sage to Quickbooks, I think it's easier to use and Quickbooks isn't compatible with ANYTHING! It can be very frustrating! But for bookkeeping and producing simple accounts both OK but they're both quite costly.

    If you're after a simple, affordable package have you considered something like TAS books?

    Also, Microsoft used to offer free software, Express Accounts or something like that, I'm not sure if they do it anymore but worth a look at.
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