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Quickbooks - P45

mc25mc25 Well-KnownRegistered Posts: 232
I am not just having a good day at all today (Got to be because its Budget day). Anyway Is there anyone out there who is an expert in Quickbooks I need to print p45 leaver but I haven't got any stationery from HMRC, I know with other payroll software you can either choose to print using stationery or just print one out which is acceptable by HMRC from the software you use, I have tried checking setting on QB the only option I can find is if I am going to use the stationery.

Help pls.


  • deanshepherddeanshepherd Font Of All Knowledge Registered Posts: 1,809
    help4u wrote: »
    We have members who are experts in Quickbooks. They can hlep you for free. Visit www.help4accountants.co.uk

    I saw nothing on that link about free Quickbooks support.

    Who are your members and what are their credentials?

    How do we access this free support?
  • mc25mc25 Well-Known Registered Posts: 232

    Thanks all for your replies. I ended up ordering stationery from hmrc as I dont think I can print them on a plain paper from Quick books
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