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My client uses Sage Instant Accounts version 15 and then she backs up the file, I restore on my computer (same Sage version) to reconcile the bank etc and then return to her to restore onto her computer. Normally works like clockwork. However, my Sage has been updated with the last update in February for ECSL. I restored the file as normal on her computer and all seemed OK. However , she does not have any internet conection and therefore not updated her system and cannot now access the system.

Is there any way to get the updates on a disk or any other ideas. Of course, she does not have Sage Support.....

Any help much appreciated.



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    You can get all the updates from the website and then copy them onto a disk/USB stick and try installing them that way.

    I always go to > support+training > log in > downloads > updates, then just download what I need from there.

    If you're on Sage 50 v15, and they're on Instant v15, you won't be able to sort the problem unless you get the Watermark Utility which I've just checked on my login and it's in the Instant Accounts section.
  • Dottie
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    Thank you.

    Managed to speak to Sage and do not have to download a file form their website, but I can copy the update from my computer onto a memory stick (it is just a file) and copy onto her computer. Hope it works!
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