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Got another job - redundancy postponed!! For now....

sharonjsharonj Well-KnownRegistered Posts: 166
After finding out I was being made redundant I was in total shock, then came the worry of being out of work, then acceptance. I knew that I needed to do everything I could to get another job.

I've managed to secure a six months maternity cover position within my bank but in the middle office instead of the back office. It's only temporary at the moment but I'm hoping that once I'm in that middle office I can get my name known and who knows what will happen next. Working in the middle office is a step up from a back office environment as I'll be working on the dealing floor. I'm going to work as hard as I can and hope for the best.

Thanks to everyone who gave me advice when I first found out about my redundancy, luckily for now this has worked out ok for me and it should give hope to any others that redundancy does not always mean all is lost.



  • RinskeRinske Font Of All Knowledge Registered Posts: 2,453
    Well done on securing a new job.

    Even if it's just a temp role, you never know what might come up next or when the person who is on maternity leave decides not to come back at all!
  • steveJsteveJ Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 694
    Nice one Shal...

    Keep trying ya best and im sure you'll do well in there !!

  • taskeytaskey Font Of All Knowledge Registered Posts: 1,800
    well done, that must be a weight off your mind.

    now all you got to do is shine and apply for other jobs within and see what comes up

  • A-VicA-Vic Expertise Guaranteed Registered Posts: 6,970
    Well done sharon that must have taken a lot of pressure off and gives you chance to continue looking while working.

    Everything crossed for you :)
  • blobbyhblobbyh Font Of All Knowledge Registered Posts: 2,415
    Good news Sharon!
  • MargaMarga Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 981
    WEll done you!!!

    I think it is very good that you have secured another job!

    I was the other day waiting in the queue for a coffee and a woman was behind me, somehow i turned around and i told her she looked familiar and if she was the woman that does our health checks ...she said yes and we just started a conversation, well we ended up having the coffee together and she said that the organisation that does the check ups was in need that someone who could do data entry and some accounts analysis so she said she would find out and she would drop me an email
  • anniemanniem Experienced Mentor Pewsey, WiltshireRegistered Posts: 1,326
    That's fantastic news. I'm really pleased you've got something, even if in the short term it looks temporary you never know what'll come of it, plus it's a different experience to add to your cv.

    Well done!
    FMAAT - AAT Licensed Member in Practice - Pewsey, Wiltshire
  • AndypandyAndypandy Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 526
  • sharonjsharonj Well-Known Registered Posts: 166
    Thanks everyone, now just got to get over my nerves with starting a new job and get on with impressing them so they keep me around.
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