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Sage: Correcting reconciled entries

MalMal New MemberRegistered Posts: 13
The charity I work for can't afford to pay for Sage support, so here goes:

I have a Bank receipt that has been entered as a single record. The receipt should have been broken down across 2 nominal codes. It has been reconciled.
using the Sage Corrections window, I can only edit - which means I can't add 2nd line to the record.
Is my way forward to
1. Delete the record within the Corrections window
2. Creat a new record, with the 2 items batched
3. Reconcile again (I'm assuming reconciled windew will now show a neg balance as a record has been deleted. A record of that same amount will appear in the un-reconciled window above)

Thanks in advance for any feedback.


  • Gem7321Gem7321 Experienced Mentor DevonMAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant Posts: 1,438
    Why not just do a journal?
  • MalMal New Member Registered Posts: 13
    Blimey, of course. Feel a bit daft now.

    It's been a long week.

  • Gem7321Gem7321 Experienced Mentor DevonMAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant Posts: 1,438
    No worries, we all have days like it!
  • KecakKecak Feels At Home Registered Posts: 50
    Journals are one option but might make it harder for you to track through the audit trail if needed later on.

    You could always note the bank rec date, delete the original entry and repost as the 2 lines...then go into corrections and depending how old your version is...tick a box for 'bank rec' and enter the original date > save > do the same for the 2nd entry. This'll allow you to correct it and not change the bank rec.

    But yeah, journals are easier if you're comfortable with them :)
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