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Hi everyone,

I realise this is an AAT forum so apologies for the ACCA thread but was wondering if anybody could provide some advice?

I'm starting to move through the chapters of my study text on the F4 (Law paper) but want to start adding some revision of the chapters I've covered up to now.

The text book is great as a learning base but wondered if buying some passcards from BPP might help me to consolidate my learning whilst still working through the study text.

Has anyone had any experience of using the passcards? What are they like?




  • Andypandy
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    Hi Mark, the reviews on Amazon aren't that great - seem to all get 2 1/2 stars. Here's the link.
  • SandyHood
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    When I do revision sessions, the conversations I have with distance learning students are very positive about the passcards.
    All sorts of ways of learning things exist, but having a pack of cards in your pocket or handbag you can look at one at any time.
    Of course these do not come into the exam, so the content must be inside your head.
    So, as you wait for a train etc, read the card, put it away and see what you can recall by writing it on to a scrap of paper. Then do the same again. And if you get a table on the train and have a long enough journey then attempt to apply your knowledge by answering a question using your memory.
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