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Hi guys, am new on the forum and thought this would be the best section to post in, to answer my question.
I have recently started a new job and bagan studying for my AAT. I probably would of got an exemption from the first level but decided against it as i wanted to ensure that i didnt miss anything. I am doing the home learning course with Kaplan. I have completed the first unit and am taking the CBA on thursday, this has taken me 2 weeks. Obviously every unit and section isnt going to be this easy.
Fortunately my employer has given me full time studying allowances so i can crack on with the AAT and get it completed A.S.A.P. So with all your experience and knowledge how quickly can i expect to finish my AAT????

Also (thought id fit all my burning questions into one post) I am looking to continue onto the ACCA after completion of the AAT, however i am a little worried that the majority of my knowledge will be theory based and my experience in the field or practice will be limited. Do you think this will be a big disadvantage.

Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated

Thanks Sean


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    I have taken 3 years to do AAT but my colleague is doing intermediate in 6 months with Kaplan and then Technician will follow in a year so that's 18 months in total. I know someone on my course who has done it in a year but that's too much work for me!

    Good luck whatever you decide : )
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    hi , i joined HLC last year on Level 2 and 3 and i am planning to do level 4 this year as well so all in all i want it to take me just 2 years but it depends
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