Clients huh!

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"Am I right in saying, if I'm retiring I don't have to pay capital gains tax"

Clients, gotta love em!

Roll on the bank holiday...


  • slackda
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    they are a special old bunch arn't they :D
  • burg
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    I had one recently. At the same time as doing his quarterly management accounts and VAT also needed the management figures for a commercial mortgage. We got them done well within deadline. things looked quite healthy.

    But... he wanted to show more profit but pay less VAT!

  • T.C.
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    "Why do I have to pay National Insurance?" - that was the latest question I received from a client. And I didn't know what answer to give other than, well yes!
  • deanshepherd
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    My favourite one this week:

    "I think 80% of all household costs is reasonable to claim for use of home."

    But you don't work from home?

    Edit: Deleted rest of post in case said client stumbles across it!
  • Dipak Thanki
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    Haha, Lol clients trying their best to pay less in any way!
  • Monsoon
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    My favourite one this week:

    "I think 80% of all household costs is reasonable to claim for use of home."

    But you don't work from home?


    If you don't ask you don't get?!
  • Poodle
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    Or asking me to liase with HMR&C regarding a debt, just in case they said something wrong. For example started talking about cash jobs.

    Engagement terminated
  • jilt
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    I am completely flabergasted! I emailed a monthly bookkeeping client with a few queries and at the same time mentioned, very nicley may I add, that he is a month behind with payment of my invoices. I thought he was probably unaware as I never invoice if I'm still waiting for some info for a particular month so some months have been lumped together on one invoice (lesson learned there).

    I got an email back at 10 to 10 last night to say yes he may be one month outstanding but he's not happy with the service, we need to talk! I was at his house just 2 days ago talking to him for about 40 minutes and he was happy enough then, what's going on there then? Have tried to call but no joy, can't wait to get through.
  • Dean
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    I'm really liking this weeks one: bullet point summary;

    A client is wanting to sell their business - have done for the last couple of years. We are aware of that.

    Client asks us for a six months review of the figures.

    We supply figures.

    We then prepare annual accounts.
    Client complains that the Net asset position is worse than the six monthly figures (he took out a big wedge!).
    Tells us it needs to be more becuase he's had his business 'valued' on net assets and a price agreed; we should have been aware of this. (Errr no! We were aware you might be thinking of selling, not that you are selling and have had the business valued on a set of interim figures).

    ...of course we should have known "all businesses are valued this way" - how silly of us?! Your Net assets are c£30,000 is that what you are selling it for? "No, c£500,000".

    Still brings a smile this one :)
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