Times Series Analysis

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Please can someone help

What types of variation are commonly analysed in a time series analysis?

I know what a Time Series Analysis is but I just dont understand the question


  • SandyHood
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    A variety can be talked about, but AAT exams only tend to test seasonal variation.

    Others might be
    1. cyclical
    2. random variations
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  • currywala
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    seasonal variations is anotherone
  • pirate
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    Hey guys

    is this in the books anywhere; am using the Osborne books and there isnt an example of cyclcal, random or seasonal.
    I know these exist from doing statistical analysis years ago but cant see this in my book at all.
    was wondering if someone could point me to it (it would be unit 31)
    or suggest a good book or further reading to help with this
  • BeccaLouJ9
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    I am reading the BPP Cash Management book at the moment and this explains briefly what each of these variations are, however it does also say that they are usually not in the exams, as the exams concentrate on Seasonal Variation mainly.

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