Imports of goods from outside EU

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Hi all, I am a new MIP and I am hopefully just about to take on my first client. However I could use some advice.

The guy imports goods from outside the EU and also exports his services outside EU. It is a Ltd company he has set up. Does anyone have any advice on what paperwork he needs to keep that may be different from a normal company due to the importing and exporting.

Also is his best option to open a foreign currency bank account in UK, or hedging?

I am also unsure what to charge it is a £100k turnover, but I am thinking of the complications due to the nature of the company (i.e import & export). So I was thinking of charging £400 for Accounts prep. including submitting to Co. house and annual return.
Then £200 for corporation tax return. And £150 for S.Assessment.
I am based in the North west do you think this is a reasonable price? Any thoughts

I appreciate any help
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