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Completely disable sound on pc

jiltjilt Font Of All KnowledgeRegistered Posts: 2,903
Does anyone know how to completely disable sound on a pc. A colleague keeps playing radio etc and my boss is sick of him but won't tell hime face to face (don't ask it's a it's a family thing!)

Culprit is not in today and I've tried deleting audio drivers but dosen't seem to have worked


  • blobbyhblobbyh Font Of All Knowledge Registered Posts: 2,415
    Take away the speakers? There's not much else you can do that I can think of! Have you tried Google for a perm fix? Maybe you could mess with the Direct X settings - Chris can advise you whether this is a good thing or not - though I'd probably imagine it's not!

    Most modern motherboards have onboard sound so simply removing the drivers won't usually work as Windows will often reinstall them when you reboot the PC.

    EDIT: try device manager, audio properties, right-click disable or whatever depending on your OS.
  • jiltjilt Font Of All Knowledge Registered Posts: 2,903
    Well I thought I'd just deleted audio drivers but now I can't get on the interenet on that pc :ohmy:

    It's ok back on line but still got bloody sound!
  • jiltjilt Font Of All Knowledge Registered Posts: 2,903
    Thanks Robert, it's blissfully quiet!! XXX
  • AndypandyAndypandy Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 526
    I had to do the same thing the other week - everyone in the office could tell when I forgot my passwords 'cos it bleeped at me everytime.
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