Unit 33 MAC Revision Course

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I have just been talking to Sandy Hood who would be willing to do a revision Course around the Nottingham area on Mac (Unit 33).

Is thereanyone out there who would like to join. If so email me on denise.willett@thermofisher.com please.

Sandy Hood as many of you know is first class at this Unit.

Thanks for Reading



  • SandyHood
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    MAC revision Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd May

    If you are interested in this weekend please email me for more details:
    I see the MAC splitting into 2 days of revision

    If you are preparing for PEV, your topics will be part of the Saturday 1st May class
    If you are prteparing for PCR, your topics will be part of the Sunday 2nd May class

    As always places will be limited to ensure everyone receives some individual attention.
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