unit 10 - final interview?

Priya-p Registered Posts: 53 Regular contributor ⭐
can anyone tell me what this is about? i have mine tomorrow!!!! i know there is another thread on this somewhere.



  • angharadmai
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    Hey, I had mine about a week ago. They just ask you why you chose some recommendations, should talk about at least one from each section, and then ask about which recommendation you think should most be put into action etc. I had 2 simple questions that were nothing to do with the project itself too, solving little simple problems.

    I had no idea what it was until the phone rang so you'll be fine!! Just make sure you have the project in front of you at the time.
  • taskey
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    you will sail through it, again it i just asking how often you would review your system etc.

    good luck, once that is done unit 10 is done and dusted

  • Priya-p
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    ok thanks guyssss :)
  • Londina
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    OMG there is an interview for Unit 10!!!it's endless this course!!
    I'm clueless about this unit, just have done IAP simulation, will going to start the project in few days!
  • Priya-p
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    lol yep! it took about 5 minutes, really simple question about recommendations and what would be the benefits(should be in ur project anyway)..so dont worry. The main thing is to get the project out the way!

    good luck..
  • anniem
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    Well done - another unit bites the dust!
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