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Dipak Thanki
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I was interested in knowing, after the completing AAT, when you start ACCA what is the usual starting salary? And on what basis does it increase?



  • Bookworm55
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    It varies far too much for any meaningful answer to be given. Your experience, and to an extent location, is much more likely to determine your salary.

    Having said that, exam passes are a good prompter for a salary review.
  • salfordman
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    erm, if you work in local authority you just stick the pay band you are on. Your salary does not go up and you do not automatically get promotion. You have to apply for new jobs within the council.

    My plan is to go onto do ACCA, and keep my eyes open, apply for a job that comes up and hope for the best.

    My applications are superb, always get called for interviews, I get really good feedback for the interviews, but then they say I lack the experience :-(
  • SandyHood
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    That can be tough. It depends on your personal circumstances.
    If you can fit extra work in alongside a full time job and studying and domestic responsibilities it might be that the insight that extra work gives you is enough to convert a good interview into a successful one.
    Don't forget that many accountants know one another, so a bit of work here could lead into maternity cover there, and then an opening where your work is as much of a door opener as your interview.
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  • salfordman
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    My father has his own business and I do a lot of work for him at the weekends, not just in accounts, but in sales, marketing etc. Now thinking about it, i have never really talked about the work that i do for him in any interviews I have been in.

    Just last week I had an interview for a senior accountant post in a different LA. Good interview, good examples used - not enough experience in monitoring cost centres / amounts involved.

    Can't do much about that as I only monitor 10 cost centres with the largest being 3 million but if I got that job it would have been between 80 - 110 cost centres.

    I am not moaning, I am really thankful that i have a good job that I enjoy and one I think is reasonably well paid :-)
  • salfordman
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    oh and the LA i work for often has accountancy posts come up for a temporary period to cover someones maternity leave.
    I tend not to apply for them as recently you can go on to a secondment and your old job has been deleted. I know it would be very good experience but I dont wanna lose my job!

    Each LA has been given effiency targets to meet and one of the ways our LA is doing is by deleting posts, closing reception not buying any more stationery etc.
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