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Does anyone know training package on the basics of payroll end of year.
I've got my full AAT and I'm working in practice. I keep coming up against questions from clients about various end of year payroll forms and procedures ... I answer them usually by with the help of google and colleagues etc etc.

I'd like to do a crash course on payroll.... I know the basics but am lacking in a few areas which I'm not comfortable with... Online or home study preferably..

Anyone have any suggestions on which course and course provider is best...What about Premier anyone know of them??

Are there any self teaching books out there??



  • Anne Boleyn
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    Payroll course


    The AAT run some very good masterclasses. They also cover PAYE and year end procedures as I attended one a few weeks ago. It was excellent. Have a look if one is run near you. Also HMRC run free courses, have a look on their website.

    Hope this helps.
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