which unit to study next?

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i have just completed unit 5 FRA, had my CBE on friday and passed! i wanted to know if anyone could advise me on which unit i should study next. i would preferably like to study a unit in the least possible time for 2 reasons, im planning on moving house mid june and also im expecting my 3rd baby at the end of july, so i have no idea what to do next?



  • Rinske
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    Are you doing the diploma or NVQ route?

    If you are doing NVQ route:
    Have you done unit 6 or 7 yet? Unit 7 is a nice and small one, while unit 6 is a bit bigger. If you go for unit 7 it ends with a skills test, so you can plan it quite free. Unit 6 ends with an exam, but if you do CBE, you still would be able to do it whenever you want.

    Unit 6 is costing and management accounts, while unit 7 includes a tax return, indexnumbers and presenting data (graphs/ tables).

    If you are doing the diploma route I am not sure which units you have, so I can't really comment on that!
  • nodgers1
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    I am doing the diploma route, we have unit 5 (FRA) which i have completed, we have unit 6 , unit 32 professional ethics which is a skills test and also unit 15 Operating a cash management and credit control system, which is also a skills test
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    Hmm, in that case I'm not sure, but I think it's best to either do unit 6 or unit 32. It depends a bit on which you think you will find easier though!
  • Dipak Thanki
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    Do ECR, it's simple if you know your stuff!

  • donnas1977
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    am doing fra at moment and plan to do ecr next.
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    Shortest and to be honest the simplest is Unit 32 Professional Ethics. A lot of common sense really and should get through it in a month no sweat! Good luck
  • kerryhill100
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    I started with unit 32.

    Its pretty much common sense really so if you looking for something straight forward to get done fairly quickly then go for this next!
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