Year end filing experiences

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Once again HMRC are conducting conference calls with various bodies to guauge the experiences of employers and agents during the year end filing period.

We want to represent you and make sure HMRC knows about your experiences so let us know what is happening.

If you are part of the conferencing then let us all know what takes place.



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    CT software

    Just submiteed my own Ct form, which i have to say is million times better than the old system, simple and effective PDF that you fill in P&L and BS and computations that you upload directly to the website, very easy to follow and effective process, only issue was changing security rights and trusted docs on the PDF, which for once was very helpfully explained on the HMRC website.
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    I had a few problems with Online PAYE, it seems to send you round in circles and doesnt allow you to see what is submitted through a third party program which is misleading. I am also having problems with seasonal workers as I have to set a new employee every year which for some reason adds them to the previous year too giving several of the same employee, very odd. I also spent nearly an hour on the phone after waiting 30 minutes to get through.

    Glad its not just me having problems!
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    Thank you for these responses, I hope to take part in the weekly phone conferences next week and I will see if these experiences are common place or have a simple answer. i think the most important bit is the time it is taking you to get responses.

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    For anyone following this I wanted to update you.

    There have now been quite a few conferences on the year end filing experience and it will come as no surprise that HMRC are singing their own praises regarding the success of this years experience.

    Fortunately they also seem to recognise that the work is actually being done by employers and agents and not by themselves.

    Clearly we do have to raise our caps to the fact that their systems suffered less down time than previously and that there have been fewer mishaps.

    I hope it is some consolation to you all that, once again, they recognise that their helpline has not been able to cope as well as they had hoped and that some enquirers spent longer on the phone than anyone would have wished.

    We will continue to raise this as an issue, even I had some minor problems but overall I have to agree with Slackda that every year it is better than previously and even though there will always be problems HMRC do seem to listen and they do seem to try and make changes to help us.

    Keep your experiences coming, we cannot represent you unless you tell us what is good, bad and indifferent.

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    Further update,

    According to HMRC the whole process is going swimmingly and I am hoping the AAT will publish the up to date situation on the website. For anyone following this it would appear to me that at last HMRC's sytems seem to be getting things largely right. It looks like 90+m P14's have been received by HMRC from around 2.2m P35's. It amounts to around 40 P14's per P35 which confirms what we have always been saying, that the small business is the key to the countries success.

    Very few comments have been made about the systems failing to submit the forms and files and the only problem, and accepted by HMRC, is the ability of the help line to cope with queries and this bears out the comments made here so far.

    The process is virtually over, its P11D time now, but some feedback on the whole experience is still valuable to the AAT and we have a meeting of the Employment Consultation Forum coming up on the 17th June so any comments will be valuable.

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    i will say this year has been 100% better than last however some problems creeped there ugly head again for us this year:-

    1. when directly filing on HMRC they dont reconise first names?? spent nearly an hour trying to explane the problem (bearing in mind i had 30 to do this way with 10+ employees) we just ended up working out for ourselves and when we asked would this call be logged in case we couldn't file it today all we got was well keep trying and if you cant file by this evening ring back - ????

    2- hidden nil return log but much better.
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    I've been using 3rd party software and it went like a dream. :D

    I haven't touched HMRC's own system and wouldn't want to!
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    Thank you again to all those who responded to this.

    I never got the chance to participate in the conference calls in the end but I notice from the reports that contacting the helpdesk was the common problem. Use of systems and HMRC software seems to have gone very well indeed.

    Recent communications from HMRC have confirmed that good responses from the helpdesk is a priority development for them for next year.

    Thanks again.
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