Audit Simulation

neuroticprincess Registered Posts: 56 Regular contributor ⭐

Does anyone have any past simulations I can have a look at please? Or any recommended areas to revise? I'm finding this unit very difficult!!


NP xx


  • Londina
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    are you on distance learning? does not your book have a couple of simulations at the end of it? My Kaplan book has them! will find out online if there are any around otherwise!
  • Rinske
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    Hi NP,

    The unit is quite hard, especially if you have no experience with real auditing. I'm still waiting on the results of my additional questions.

    I found it a great help to read Steve's articles on auditing on

    Unfortunately I don't have any extra past papers other then the one of the AAT website, but those articles were a great help to me. I also did a lot of reading on older threads here, by doing a search for auditing in the study forums, which helped as well. A lot of questions have been answered.

    I know that probably doesn't help much, but well, hopefully it helps a little bit!

  • neuroticprincess
    neuroticprincess Registered Posts: 56 Regular contributor ⭐

    Thanks for the replies, I'll have a look at that link. I work in Financial Management so audits a bit lost on me!!

    No I attend college but unfortunately the tutor hasn't been the best. I do have 2 past ones to look at but thought I'd check incase anyone has some others!

    Thanks again x
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