Help please....thanks

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Hi Everyone,

I just received this email and was wondering if anyone knows the answer:

"I heard from friends that the costs that I incur for monthly tube travel passes are tax deductable and could possibly be incorporated into my monthly income. Seeing that I’m very new to how things work here in England, I was wondering if either of you might help me out in letting me know how I could get these costs deducted from my taxable income?"

He is on the payroll and pays PAYE and NIC.



  • Yestin
    Yestin Registered Posts: 83 Regular contributor ⭐
    Many thanks, that is most helpful.
  • blobbyh
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    I assume he means the cost of his getting to and from his regular place of work? If so, have a quick gander at this (in plainer English than the HMRC goobledegook):

    Be very nice for all of us if we could reclaim our standard getting to works costs: I'd save a small fortune on the choo choo!
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