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Shell B
Shell B Registered Posts: 95 ? ? ?

I have just done the practise exam and did not find it easy at all, however i passed which i was shocked to see.

I know that all the exam papers are different on line so once you have done the real thing you cant ask friends if they got the same answer etc

I would be interested to here other peoples views who have taken there on line costing exam, did you find it easier then the paper exams, how you found the questions etc.



  • Dipak Thanki
    Dipak Thanki Registered Posts: 135 ? ? ?
    Pretty easy really, I had mine about 3 weeks ago and passed. It's really similar to the practice CBE.

    I would recommend that you revise all the formulas and know them inside out and how to use them.

    It's much easier than the paper exams, simply because the questions are not linked, thus the chances of you getting the second answer wrong and decreased if the first answer on the previous question was linked.

    Good luck! Don't worry, it's easy!

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