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i am doing dfs and ptc in june.

after i pass aat what route should i take? i work in germany with the british forces and there are no proper accounting jobs out here (in the british community), unless i work for a german company (which is possible)

ideally i want to work for myself when (if) we move back to the UK, but that could be years yet. there is no scope for promotion in my current job, but i have no intention of moving on just yet (work is easy and i get paid - simples)

so by doing ptc, what other optional should i take, should i take btc as it would coincide with ptc or should i do the audit or cash management sim.

really unsure what to do in my situation as not sure which from acca or cima would suit me best?

i am not opening the whole "acca/cima which is best debate", i just want some advise and to know if i am doing the right exam options before it is too late

Many thanks in advance



  • Esme
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    I know that with ACCA it doesn't matter which units you have taken. I am also doing PTC and DFS and then wanting to do ACCA, I'm not sure if the same aplies to CIMA.
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    You could do btc and ptc then apply for a members in practice licence to work for yourself, that way you do not need to study any further. That is what I did 10 years ago, I now have my own. High street practice and haven't looked back!
  • taskey
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    thanks for the replies. i am thinking of taking btc in december sittings. would like to continue onto further studies, so have been looking further into cima

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