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BTC Past Paper June 2009

charliemansfieldcharliemansfield Settling In NicelyRegistered Posts: 19
Task 2.1

Hey Guys

Could help me with this question?

Calculate the adjusted trading profits, after capital allowances, for the year eneded 31 December 2008?

Regarding the lease payments, the suggested answer is

(1/2) x (15600 - 12000) x (2200) / 15600

Why do you have to multiply by a half?

Were does the 12000 come from?

Many Thanks



  • mini_schnauzermini_schnauzer Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 347
    1/2 x (expensive car value - 12,000 being Inland Revenue car value maximum) x (yearly car lease payments) / expensive car value

  • meibakermeibaker Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 481
    where did you get the formula from ? i haven't seen this one before! god, i am panicy now!
  • charliemansfieldcharliemansfield Settling In Nicely Registered Posts: 19
    Thank you.

    The equation is given in the suggested answer, on page 4 of the Model Answers.
  • charliemansfieldcharliemansfield Settling In Nicely Registered Posts: 19
    Does anyone no why you mulitiply by a half?

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