Probabaly really obvious but...

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my brain doesn't get it

on MAC June 09 and i can't work out how you get to the answer on 1.1f. i keep getting £4.56 and £7.20

thanks in advance


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    Material cost (Basik)
    Material cost £182,400 units producedMaterial cost £4.80
    Material cost 38,000 saleable units produced

    I've got this on my out of office reply if you use subject line:
    MAC J09 Sandy's answer
    [email protected]
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                                                            Basik                 Xtreem 
          Finished product material                 57  gms              90 gms
          Material lost during production 
          (57/95 x5) (90/90 x 10)                    3  gms              10 gms
         Total Material Purchased                   60 gms              100 gms
        Material cost per gms (£80/1000)             8p                      8p
        Total cost                                 £4.80                  £8.00
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    thanks guys. think i was being dumb but i'll check when at home with my paperwork infront of me
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