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Paul C
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Hi all,

After 20 years working as an accountant in the public sector I am thinking of becoming a MIP. I've been AAT qualified for over 10 years and have done some charity and also some union accounts/books, as well as all my work in the public sector - some of which was factory based.

Does anyone know what a competitive sensible rate per hour would be for bookkeeping? Particularly in the Devon area?

Thoughts appreciated.




  • burg
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    I don't really do bookkeeping but somewhere between £15 and £25 per hour should be appropriate depending on your abilities, knowledge and speed.

  • T.C.
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    How about ringing a couple of local book-keeping companies and asking what they charge! Cheeky, but why not!
    You also need to work out how much you need to earn and balance that against getting enough work in. When I did more book-keeping, a few years ago, my rate would vary depending on the type of organisation and book-keeping required, ie an organised office or chaos! Good luck.
  • Paul C
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    Many thanks for the replies - really helpful.

    These forums are a great place to pick things up - I just hope I can give something back at some point.......
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