DFS Revision - 22.05.10 - Manchester

Steve Collings
Steve Collings Registered Posts: 997 Epic contributor 🐘
Hi All,

Just to confirm that the revision day in Manchester on 22 May 2010 is going ahead as I have had enough definite confirmations.

If you would like to attend please drop me a line at:


Please note that I do cap the revision classes to a maximum of 14 delegates as I have to build in time to answer questions during the day as well as ensuring we finish at a reasonable time to allow delegates to have some of their weekend.

The day will consist of going through various exam techniques and covering major parts of the DFS syllabus by reference to past exam papers. I will show delegates WHAT the examiner wants from candidates as well as covering WHY the examiner is asking for such requirements as I feel it is very much a core exam requirement to understand why you are doing something as opposed to simply learning a topic 'parrot fashion'.

Kind regards
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