Unit 31 'Accounting Work Skills'

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I am currently studying for AAT Diploma pathway Intermediate level using a combination of a Distance learning package purchased from a training provider and 'teach yourself' from textbooks. For unit 31 I have 20 years experience of working with spreadsheets, I consider myself to be very computer-literate and am sure I can teach myself to use an accounting package such as SAGE very quickly. I have access to an old version of SAGE (2003) on my netbook.

I was told by a training provider that I would have to purchase a distance learning package for unit 31 as it had one of the three simulation exercises that would need to be completed at home. However I am a little wary of paying out large sums of money for this package as I am confident I could teach myself this unit. I could take the 2 computer-based simulations at the training providers premises, but I was wondering whether for the other simulation exercise I could purchase this direct from AAT?
Can anyone advise me as to which way to proceed?


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    The assessed units (all 3 parts of Unit 31 are assessed) have to be done via a training provider, the AAT don't have any input on them. The fees they'll charge you for this will vary. You may be able to find one who'll just charge you for the cost of the paper and for marking it but most will only want to sell you the whole unit which will include books, tutor support, marking of mocks etc. I think it's a case of phoning around all the providers and see what they can do for you. Look for posts by sebastian forbes (I think that's his name) as he's done most of the course on his own and has given lots of advice as to how to go about it.
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    I echo coojee's advice.
    Only thing I would add is watch out for hidden extras when comparing prices. At least one provider I contacted sounded quite reasonable until I found out that they charge you another £60 for the sim(s).
    I did my unit 31 with kaplan and was happy. They had no hidden charges and were i think about £310 + £10 delivery. BTW, I have no affiliation with Kaplan!
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