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I am hoping someone on here will be able to point me in the right direction or offer me some words od wisdom...

I am entered to sit my DFS, PEV and Business Tax exams in June.

I have missed quite a few lessons recently though family matters so i am fairly behind on all 3 units so i am now struggling to understand what is going on in class and the tutor does not have enough time to go round and help in 1 on 1 situations...

I am fairly confused by all parts of each unit..

Its starting to get me down because i have fallen behind and not understanding whats going on in class which is abit embarrassing...i am really determined to catch up and get myself all ready and prepared so by the time June comes i am ready...

Can someone please offer any help or tips on what i should do.....

Many thanks


  • Rinske
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    If you got books: Work your way through the books on the parts you have missed and catch up on that way?

    Check the parts you don't understand and try and do some exercises with those, if you got an exercise books. Try and narrow the questions down, so you don't have the overwhelming feeling that you don't understand anything about them, but specific areas in that way.

    For the specific area's ask your tutor after class or do some research online/ on the forums to see if those questions have been asked before and if not, maybe ask a question.

    However if you can narrow it down to specific area's instead of an overall feeling, you feel less overwhelmed, will find you can most likely keep up with the class again on the rest, so understand what your tutor is talking about again!

    Hope that helps,
    good luck!
  • mattyj3nks
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    I have the osborne books for all of these 3 units so i guess its best to go through all of them then.
  • jewels.p
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    Yes that would be the best idea. I am struggling on DFS and have found that breaking it down into sections that I dont understand and concentrating on them is helping me as when I was looking at everything I was panicking cause there is so much to learn.

    Good Luck
  • mattyj3nks
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    what sections would you split DFS into??

    i am just wondering so then i can concentrate on each individual section....
  • Rinske
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    If you use the osbourne books, DFS has
    Chapter 1/2 is more the introductions and refreshing a lot of things, a few basic things.
    IAS/ IFRS rules in the chapters 2/ 3-5 or so.
    Then Chapter 6 is the statement of cash flow.
    Chapter 7 are all the ratios and their interpretations.
    Chapter 8 is the consolidated statements.

    I'm not sure where chapter 2 fell under, but that's about the split I have been using.
  • jewels.p
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    Rinske is right. I am using the Osbourne Book and am breaking it down by Chapter. Concentrate for a while on Single Entity Accounts then Consolidations and then another time on Statement of Cash Flows. Then Ratios and explanations of results. (you dont need to do it in that order though) I have been informed that there is no need to panic yet if that makes you feel any better.

    I have also been lucky enough to borrow a Kaplan Book from a friend on here which gives you a different look at things and this has helped me greatly in Consolidations as I find it easier to understand from the Kaplan Book than the Osbourne one. If at all possible I would recommend getting the Kaplan Book to work alongside with your Osbourne book.

    Hope this helps you :001_smile:
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