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Has anyone printed and issued p60's from payroll manager the ones on the software says they are HMRC approved. Only my printer is acting up and I cannot print any P60's on the stationery provided by HMRC and was thinking of issuing the ones I have printed on plain paper but i haven't seen anywhere saying you can use them (on HMRC website) just wanted to make sure before I send them out.



  • Anne Boleyn
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    I've issued all my P60's, P45's etc printed on plain paper as I've never had any real forms.

    I assume we are talking about Moneysoft?

  • jilt
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    Ive also issued my P60s to staff and filed the P14s on-line via Moneysoft
  • mc25
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    Yes its moneysoft I was reffering to. Thanks for that. I will post mine tonight & stop wasting time trying to make my printer work.

    Cheers everyone
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