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Hello guys,

not been on for a while as I have been out of studying due to illness from being pregnant.

I have only my unit 10 project to complete & a resit of unit 8 to do... the problem is my tutor has been signed off long term sick and I need help with the filling in of my student record fro the project:

Do I need to label each paragraph of my project with the reference to paragraph numbers in the record? Also what do I put in the record under the main description box? I have done the project and she has gone through it before she left and wrote down the side which K & U it referred to, she then said you fill in the student record from there.....???? haha! What??? Please can someone help me with this.

Also I need to know what there is left that I need to complete in order to finish this level 4.

So far I have completed full level 2, 3 and the following units of level 4:

Unit 9, unit 15, unit 10 (bar signing off), as far as I am aware there is only DFS left??? If so how many exams is this? I am wanting to hopefully try and complete it before June but have had no studies on this unit due to her going off sick and then me getting pregnant. Is it relatively straight forward?


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    Are you doing NVQ or Diploma?

    NVQ has unit 8 (PCR), 9 (PEV), 10 and 11 (DFS) as required units and then 2 optional units besides that. Which is two of unit 15 (CMCC), 18 (Auditing), and the two tax units (Business and personal tax).

    Not sure about Diploma, but it does sound as NVQ route to me.

    As for the project, I'm sorry, I don't really know, but hopefully someone else can help you with that!
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    yes it is the NVQ route - thanks for your reply. I have done the cash management unit so I guess i only have 1 more optional unit to do as well as DFS. Well its slightly more than I though so it may have to wait until December.
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