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BTC june 2007

charliemansfieldcharliemansfield Settling In NicelyRegistered Posts: 19
Task 1.1

HI guys

Task 1.1

Calculate the capital allowances for the year eneded 30th Sept 2006.

I am ok with most of the question i just can not work out how to calculate the total WDA allowance, the answer given in the model answers is £9140.

Could any one help?




  • safricasafrica Well-Known Registered Posts: 106

    Are you sitting BTC in June? If so like me, we have been told at college NOT to look at any past papers because most of the rules will have changed or been different, being other tax years...I think you will confuse yourself more than anything else if you do have a go at them...
    We have been advised just to do the practice papers in the book (BPP) relevant to 09/10 tax year.
    Good luck !
  • charliemansfieldcharliemansfield Settling In Nicely Registered Posts: 19
    I know what you are saying, i have been told the same, however, the only real differnce i have found going over the past papers is the rates, and most of these are given in the front of the exam paper.

    The past papers ask similar questions from one year to the next, you just need to apply the differnt rates.
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