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CrazySexyCoolCrazySexyCool Feels At HomeRegistered Posts: 52
This is a bit of a rant really. I found out yesterday that one of the local colleges has had its funding cut and will be scrapping all accountancy courses. This doesn't affect me personally as I'm doing homestudy. However I was hoping to go back to college in September. I'm guessing other colleges will be in a similar situation. If you don't know about the major cuts in adult education I would suggest that anyone on a college course checks that they will be able to continue so that you can plan ahead.

And to think that some political parties want degrees to be free...and the money will come from where exactly?


  • RinskeRinske Font Of All Knowledge Registered Posts: 2,453
    Well, the budget announcement said they would fund university with courses like science, technology, engineering and mathematical skills and such, but at the same time they expect universities to save a lot of money (not joking, we're talking about millions here), they need to get it from somewhere.
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