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This is a message to all those people out there stressing and worrying about there costing exam.

I did my CBE today and passed, i have had no confidence at all with costing from start to finish but yet i managed to get through in one piece, so it is possible.

My advice is make sure you read the questions and dont rush, if you feel like you have not got a clue dont panic just flag the question and move on.
Dont worry about the clock ticking 3hrs is a long time and its plenty to get the job done.
You will find that once you have answered your first few questions you will start to feel better and feel like your gettting some where.

And another thing forget about everyone around you, i was the last one out of our exam today and i dont regret it one bit the more you rush the more you will get wrong.

Thanks to everyone who has given me advice on costing over the past few weeks its much appreciated.

Shell B


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    Many Thanks.....

    I shall remember that when I do mind on Tuesday.
  • Shell B
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    You will be fine just think of your first one as a practise and have a some self confidence easier said than done i do know that for sure.

    When i felt myself panic i just told myself that me panicing is not gettting me any where at all infact its ruining all the hard work that i had put into my revision, so try not to let it get the better of you.

    Dont get me wrong i do no its bloomin hard, but if you ahve given it your best shot know can ask any more from you and you will get there.

    Let me know how you get on

    Kick ass

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