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Feed back on Cash Back thread of 19th March

TrishTrish Settling In NicelyRegistered Posts: 20
I had made the company who supply the card sale machine a `customer` and was posting the card sale and cash back as invoices to this `customer`, so Sage was posting both card sale and cash back as debit customer and credit Sales. When payment was received into the bank a/c, the postings were debit bank a/c and credit customer.

What I should have been doing was to post the cash back as a cash payment to the `customer`, so postings would be debit customer and credit cash a/c, then when payment received into the bank a/c debit bank and credit customer. This nets off the cash payment and the bank receipt of the cash back and means the cash back is not added to Sales. I have tried this for the March transactions and it works, hallelujah!

Thanks for all your input, it helped me to think the problem through logically.

Regards Trish
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