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Shell B
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Was just wondering what everyones thoughts were with the new online exams, do you prefer them or would you much prefer to have paper and pen????

Shell B


  • Dipak Thanki
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    On line, you get your results straight away!
  • emma123
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    how long do you have to wait for results when you do them by pen and paper?
  • Rinske
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    For the June exams, last year the results came around mid August. For the December exams, it was somewhere in Feb, so about 2 months.
  • Prashil
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    Online cbe unit 5
    On line, you get your results straight away!

    Hi mate can you do else where as my college one is like next month
  • A-Vic
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    what i like about paper and pen is at least you can show your workings but having said that never done a CBE so cant really compaire
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