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Deceased person tax return

Gem7321Gem7321 Experienced MentorDevonMAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant Posts: 1,438
A family friend has recently passed away and a family member asked me who should sign the final tax return.

The truth is, I have no idea! The deceased didn't leave a will, the estate affairs are being dealt with by a solicitor and has gone to probate so there is no executor as such. How should the family approve and submit the tax return?

Any help greatly appreciated, thanks


  • deanshepherddeanshepherd Font Of All Knowledge Registered Posts: 1,809
    If there is no named executor then the court will appoint an adminstrator upon application. The solicitors should have organised this and will most likely have named the next of kin, or whoever instructed them to act for the estate, as the administrator.
  • Gem7321Gem7321 Experienced Mentor DevonMAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant Posts: 1,438
    Thanks Dean
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