Hi All

What is the most amount of re-sits people have taken for any one unit.

Just Curious or is it to make me feel better!!!



  • AK002
    AK002 Registered Posts: 2,492
    0 so far :)
  • Shell B
    Shell B Registered Posts: 95 ? ? ?

    did you do you costing exam yesterday????

    How did you find it if you did???

    Shell B
  • Beautiful_bobo
    Beautiful_bobo Registered Posts: 106 ? ? ?
    Hi Shell

    I thought it went ok and I was really positive and I took my time and I read and re-read the questions and I took the full 3 hours and I still failed. Really very dissapointed, knocked my confidence a bit.

    I have asked the AAT for an assessment to find out where I went wrong, so watch this space.

  • Shell B
    Shell B Registered Posts: 95 ? ? ?
    oh dont worry yourself about it.

    am at work at the moment so cant really talk, but i will send you a message later.

    Keep your pecker up

    ps is there some areas that you really really struggle on, which i could help you with
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