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Just wondered if any one knows?
I have 3 units to complete of tech stage, and in order to become a full member i need to submit work experience, can i do this now or did i need to wait to complete my exams??
Also the fee to be full member (£100 and something) can we pay that in installments , as i have seen there is a £5 discount if paid by direct debit just thought they might be letting us spread the cost????

Also do i have to become a MIP if im just doing mainly bookkeeping???




  • anniem
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    Hi Stu

    You can submit your work experience online and it's really easy. You do need to find someone who'll verify you. I've already done mine. You need to have a full year's worth of experience.

    If you get on and do it now, then it's all dealt with when you are ready for MAAT/MIP.

    You can also start the ball rolling for your MAAT membership status online, so again it would be another thing ticked off the list.

    I try and get these things done when I think the AAT bods aren't to busy and when I'm in no rush to have a result, as it can sometimes take a few weeks to be validated. I've got 2 exams to sit in June and then only need to get an accountant to do my Professional Recommendation, unfortunately my husband is my line manager, so he can't recommend me!

    I think I read on the MAAT online applications that you don't have to pay £45 for MAAT if you do it online, but I wasn't paying a lot of attention, so you'd better have a look and see. It may have been that you do have to pay £45. (I really should read these things and pay a bit more attention!)

    Log into your MyAAT, then 'View/Submit your work experience' and there is also something like 'Submit your application for full membership', which I believe will hold in abeyance until you have the requisite exams under your belt!

    Nothing to lose by getting it sorted early!

    FMAAT - AAT Licensed Member in Practice - Pewsey, Wiltshire
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    OK just looked again, this is what it says if you apply ONLINE for your Full AAT Membership:



    Application for AAT membership
    Your fast track to AAT full membership
    You can get ready to achieve MAAT status as soon as you qualify* by gaining provisional full membership now. Benefits include:

    confirmation of your commitment to professionalism on your CV
    automatic election to full membership on the day you qualify*
    no admission fee - saving you £45!
    Applying involves three simple steps, which you should ideally complete in numerical order. You'll need the following information to hand:

    Step 1 - Submit your work experience.
    Your work experience details - including start/end dates, weekly hours and brief details of your day to day accounting or financial duties.

    Step 2 - Nominate your professional referee.**
    Your line manager's details including their email address (or a qualified accountant's details if you are self-employed)

    Step 3 - Online application.**
    Your personal and employment details
    Your declarations regarding relevant information
    Your agreement to comply with our full membership regulations

    If you are going to advertise under the auspices of AAT acknowledging your qualification then yes, I'm sure that you do need to register as an MIP.

    I think that there are also benefits from being registered, such as competitive Professional Indemnity Insurance which you will need anyway.

    FMAAT - AAT Licensed Member in Practice - Pewsey, Wiltshire
  • tigger37
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    I have applied for my provisional membership and I have all 3 items ticked off, which I take to mean it has been vaildated? Do we get anything from AAT indicating we are provisional members?
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