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I have enrolled on one of the student revision courses in May. Has anyone ever been to one and have you got any tips on what to take (like tutorial and workbooks)?

Good luck to all doing exams soon. I have 2 exams left, and one simulation tomorrow :)


  • Lou1234
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    I went to the PCR and PEV one in London for the December exams and they were very helpful.

    I took my Osborne book and it was useful when were given some questions to work on. I did use it to double check things sometimes.

    I took along a pad of paper and some pens but they did provide paper and a pen. And take your calculator!

    Good luck with your simulation tomorrow!

    Which exams do you have left?
  • SandyHood
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    I'm the tutor for the London classes PEV PCR MAC and ECR.
    I give you a set of slide handouts and some exercises. 2 wodges.

    I expect you to bring lined paper, pens, pencils, rulers calculators etc

    I'm away this weekend in the East Midlands revising PEV MAC and PCR, but if you have any questions you are welcome to email and I will get back to you Monday or Tuesday
    [email protected]
  • katie2008
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    ECR and FRA. Doing FRA revision course in Liverpool. Could do with a ECR one but there isnt a local one. Good luck.

    Thanks for the advice.
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