Accountancy Aid CD

TerdooTerdoo Well-KnownPosts: 144Registered
Has anyone use Accountancy Aid Cd that is advertised in the AAT Magazine? if so, is it good? how do you find it?

Thanks in advance


  • miskysbabemiskysbabe Settling In Nicely Posts: 25Registered
    Got It - paid a packet

    I bought it a year or so ago, it didn't help me much, yet I know there are people that found it good. I am on Technician now and I haven't really looked at it since foundation. There are examples to work through, and as it is formula's on an excel background it tells you if you have done it correctly or not. However, if you don't understand something it doesn't go through it. Found my books more useful.

    I don't know whether they will have updated it to the new descriptions, Income statement, financial position, accounts receivables etc.
  • Priya-pPriya-p Feels At Home Posts: 53Registered
    I bought the Intermmediate CD, didnt really use. I used it once and thats all..
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