Burger van accounts

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I was wondering if any of you have got experience with Burger van accounts, is there any complication I should be prepared to encounter with this? Client VAT registered also does buffet catering services etc... if was to use an accounting software to work out actual cost which software could you recommend?

Thanks :)


  • Monsoon
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    Complication: Cash sales undeclared.

    Chatted to a guy once while buying a bacon buttie, as soon as he heard what I did he felt compelled to 'fess up to cash sales nudge nudge wink wink and would I like to do his accounts? Errr... no thanks pal.

    What do you mean by working out actual cost?
  • mc25
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    Client on about wanting to know the actual cost of all ingredients for example sandwich. so client buys bread, tomato etc... and want to cost the actual cost of making the sandwich plus account for any wastage. and best way to set this up, and the client was looking at using Quick books as thy think its better for a proper breakdown.

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