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Just a moan

loraluloralu Feels At HomeRegistered Posts: 64
Sorry just needed a rant!

does anyone else work with someone who is so miserable ALL the time. I share an office with the most miserable guy ever and it is starting to get me down! I hate to sit in silence all day! I no people have their problems and I am sympathetic but please just don't be miserable all the time!!

Fingers crossed i'll find a new job soon because I don't know if I can take much more!
Rant over!!


  • *Jo*Jo Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 509
    This might seem like teaching your grandmother to suck eggs but have you actually tried engaging him in conversation? My old boss was perceived as miserable but when I started I just kept including him in the convos and smiling and being friendly. Ten years and a few jobs on we are still very good friends (yes he is a miserable git at the best of times but he accepts I will tell him so now :))
  • loraluloralu Feels At Home Registered Posts: 64
    we've been sat together for a couple of years now and I always try and make conversation asking about his kids, what his plans for the weekend are, did you see this programme, hows things blah blah blah its not through lack of trying!
  • kerryhill100kerryhill100 Well-Known Registered Posts: 121
    I spend most of my current job sat in a room in near darkness with NO work collegues!!

    count your self lucky lol!!!
  • loraluloralu Feels At Home Registered Posts: 64
    I might prefer that lol! I no some people like to work quietly its just some days he will chat and others (majority of days!) you will say something and you get a short snappy reply and your left wondering what have I done? I just don't know if to try to speak or not!
  • kerryhill100kerryhill100 Well-Known Registered Posts: 121
    No you wouldn't lol!!

    It drives me mad! I like to have a bit of banter it can be SO SO depressing!!
    Especially having no windows!!
  • blobbyhblobbyh Font Of All Knowledge Registered Posts: 2,415
    Break wind.

    If he laughs, he's cool. If not, just aim it in his direction the next time you do it.
  • loraluloralu Feels At Home Registered Posts: 64
    haha i'm too lady like to do that!!
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