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Hi! apologies if this is a bit cheeky -I'm normally a lurker, but want some opinions from you good people!
I need to know if anyone works in anything like "financial data analysis" and what it is like?
At the moment I work on bank recs, 9-5, 5 days a week. And interesting as that sometimes is, it just isn't taking me anywhere. I'm not in a hurry but would like to know I'm in a job with at least some future progression... Admittedly the recs are HUGE, and analysis of the outstanding is a major part of the job. Bearing that mind, I've come across this on a jobsite

Financial Data Analyst£18,000 - £25,000 per annum
This is an exciting and highly demanding role offering training and broad exposure to many types of business and individuals
· Scoping the nature of analytics assignments
· Extraction of data from 3rd party systems
· Analysis of data extracted, cleansing data into a useable format
· Populating proprietary analytical tools and understanding output
· Designing and performing bespoke analysis
· Presenting the results of the data analysis
· Liaising with other teams to understand the results of investigations and root causes and effects of anomalies/trends within the data
· Identifying opportunities of further work
· Understanding and improving client IT systems/environments
We're looking for ambitious accounts/finance person with a year or more experience in a role that has ideally given good exposure to popular accounting systems such as SAP, Oracle or Sage. Strong Excel and time management skills are a must, as are confidence, resilience, a cooperative approach and flexibility as the role requires a reasonable amount of national and international travel.

Now, I know what that means, but does that make it an accounting job, or an IT job?


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    I always wanted to do what you doing , but i did not have the opportunity to do so, Analyst job is a type of a job that you can't get qualifications for it and if you did you will not easily get a job, it just a job you learn in a work environment .
    there is high demand especially in councils, government , NHS , banks, big companies. not easy to be out of work if you have the experience and the skills.
    SAP, Oracle or Sage. Strong Excel , all good .
    it is still accounting experience. not all accounting is double entry these days.

    good luck.
  • blacksheep
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    thanks. I've decided just to go for it; a bit of digging around seemed to show 'analyst' is a bit of a general term but all the specs i looked at where interesting to me. fingers crossed.
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