AAT Transition to QCF - Confused!

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Had a leaflet about this in the post, it's all changing next year and I am none the wiser...

So far I've done IAC, ECR, FRA and will be taking PTC, BTC, DFS, MAC this June and December. Does anyone know how the skills tests/smulations are being replaced? I had planned to start them later this year but now I don't know whether to bother or wait ....


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    Depends if you want to complete any of the levels as you've done bits of all of them. If you complete a level under the current arrangements you won't need to re sit anything but if anything is outstanding you'll only get credit for the bits that you've done. So for example, if you were to transfer to the new standards now you'd have to do the following:

    Level 2

    IAC - would give you exemption to Basic accounting 1 and 2 exams
    You'd need to do:
    Work effectively in accounting and finance (Unit 31.3/36 would give you partial exemption to this)
    Basic costing (Unit 31.1/34 would give you partial exemption to this)
    Computerised accounts - There are no exemptions available for this paper NB Even if you've done 31.2/35

    Level 3

    FRA and ECR - will give exemptions to accounts prep 1 and 2 exams and costs and revenues exam
    You'd need to do:
    Indirect tax - (Unit 31.1/34 would exempt you from this)
    Cash management - (Unit 15 would exempt you)
    Spreadsheets - No exemptions
    Professional ethics - No exemptions

    The best advice would be to complete as many levels as you can now before you transfer. If you get all three parts of Unit 31 done that will exempt you from Level 2 and one part of Level 3
    If you then do Unit 15 as well that would just leave you with the new professional ethics to do from Level 3. If you do the existing PE assessment then you'll have Level 3 under your belt just leaving you Level 4 to do under the new system.

    If you do Unit 15 now then you won't need to do the 2 exams as it's one of the options at Level 4 so you'd already have it.

    Definately start the skills test now rather than wait. You've only got 1 year left to do them. Get Units 34-36 done first, then Unit 15 and then Unit 32. Do them in that order for best exemptions.

    Hope that helps
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    Is there a list somewhere of what the new modules will be?
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